Day 3-Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with Kelly Morton

Of all the modalities I’ll be trying out in this blog, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is likely to be the newest.  The first class was taught in 1994 by Stevan J. Thayer, who channeled (or psychically communicated)  the method from Archangel Ariel.  This energy is thought to come directly from the Angelic realm, and is directed into the client by using a cellular memory map and integration points.  These points are unique to this modality, do not appear in any other known form or acupressure or acupuncture. Treatment of these points with Integrated Energy is helpful for releasing energy blockages that may be caused by physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, starvation, emotional crisis, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, self-limiting thoughts and karma.

Integrated Energy is delivered to the client through the practitioner’s connection, or link, to the angelic realm.  This link provides a two-way connection, where a client may release any blockages they are ready to let go of, and accept new loving energy in its place.  IET focuses on letting things go.

Sessions are performed on a treatment table with the client laying on their back.  The practitioner works over the course of about forty-five minutes to one hour, treating each of the Integration Points on the body and possibly within the Aura.

Often, Energy Healing modalities are assumed to be pretty much the same, but I can attest that in terms of practice (I am also a practitioner of IET) and experience, they are pretty darned different.  In comparison to Reiki, which is especially good for physical healing and a wonderful support for emotional and mental healing, IET focuses on emotional, mental and karmic healing.  In short, if you came to me with a broken foot, I would suggest Reiki.  If you were working towards releasing poor behavior patterns in your life, or letting go of anger, for example, I would recommend IET. It’s not to say that these modalities “don’ t work” for some things, it just may not be the best tool for the job…if that makes sense.

In my IET treatment, I felt very relaxed, almost to the point of sleeping, and felt especially supported. In my IET treatments, and all of my bodywork treatments, really, I find my left shoulder to be my trouble spot.   Left shoulder is the less tangible issues of “shoulds”, so my “who I should be” center, according to IET’s cellular memory map.  When I release these expectations, freedom is able to flow in.  After treatments, I often feel lighter, emptier, more supported. This feeling usually lasts for days, and the effects of the session unfold in my life pretty quickly.

In terms of  contraindications, or cautions against receiving IET; there are few.   When I asked Kelly if there is any situation where she would not treat a client, she replied that people with deep mental issues, those who are already having difficulty making sense of what is going on around them, are best not receiving  this kind of treatment.  Where many modalities that involve “manipulative touch” engage the circulatory system and can spread illness, alter blood pressure or move blood clots; energy based therapies like Reiki and IET are much more gentle on the physical body, and are often appropriate for people who are not candidates for massage, Reflexology, etc.

IET has been an amazing source of healing for me, and I adore it.  I’m enrolled in Kelly’s upcoming Intermediate Level class at Philly Community Wellness, which takes place the day after my 30th Birthday.  Prospective students have asked me if they need to be in communication with, or able to see, their Angels in order to practice this method; but I do not see that it is.  Yes, I do work with my Angels in a very direct way, but I have received sessions from co-students who do not have that level of communication and they have been just as transformative (whether you see Angels or not, they are there).  I cannot wait to deepen my practice, and will certainly be adding my experience of going up to the Intermediate Level in this blog.  A huge thanks to Kelly Morton for sharing this modality with me, Philly Community Wellness, and others.

Kelly Morton

Thanks to Kelly Morton for this session. Kelly has been using yoga, meditation and her Zen Buddhist practice to investigate the links between emotional/mental patterns and the physical body since 2004. After experiencing Integrated Energy Therapy as a client in 2005, she was amazed at the effectiveness of the modality. She began training in IET in 2006 and is now an Instructor. She is excited to share IET with others and help them become empowered to let go of the blockages that limit their potential! You can check out Kelly’s blog, or book a session with her at Philly Community Wellness by clicking here To inquire about upcoming classes, email her at

For more information on IET and Stevan Thayer, check out The Center Of Being’s website.


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