Day 6 – Reiki with Kim Fleisher

It was a great feeling to have my Reiki Teacher want to trade with me for this blog. Kim taught me levels 1-4 at The Reiki School + Clinic of Philadelphia starting in 2005. The journey changed my life, and helped me to see a new level of possibilities in what I had to offer myself (in terms of my own healing) and the world. The environment at The Reiki School was just what I needed in what was a very crazy time in my life. And as I think of our trade, I can’t help but think of how much things have come full circle from that very first class.

Back in ’05, I was still fairly new to Philadelphia and working a job I hated as a Logistics Consultant in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I had just finished up a contract for a major company that had some very well publicized litigation going on, and to say that the Directors and Project heads I was working with were paranoid & cutthroat was a gross understatement. It was the pits, but with that contract ended, I was living on unemployment in a sad little studio apartment with no natural light in a City where I knew virtually no one. I was beginning to get depressed. Then one night, my life changed forever. I had what can only be called a paranormal experience.

I went to bed at some absurd hour (with no light or job, why NOT go to bed at 3am?) and shortly after falling asleep, I was awoken. My bed had picked up, and started to shake. Shit you not, it was like something out of Poltergeist. Too paralyzed with fear to move, I lay there trying with all my might not to crap myself. After what was likely 3 or 4 minutes but felt like an hour, the bed began to rest back down, one leg at a time. It continued to shake lightly for a while, and then it finally stopped. I laid there pretending to myself to be asleep for a while, then got up and brewed a pot of coffee.

“It was a dream”, I thought. It had to be. That shit is impossible. The stuff of weird movies with creepy characters. Could not have happened. Then, a knock at my door…the downstairs neighbor wondering what exactly I found amusing about beating the floor with what sounded like two-by-fours the prior evening. Denial, you may be more than just a river in Africa, but I could hold on to you no longer. Something had just happened that defied explanation.

Or had it? The quest began. Sifting through books, websites, etc. all searching for just what the hell had happened to me. The closest description (while not a total match) was found in the book “ESP, Hauntings & Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook” by Loyd Auerbach. It sounded most like psychokinesis, a phenomena of energy-the energy of a person, although they had no conscious control or even awareness of it. Meaning, my energy has made the bed pick up and shake, and I was none the wiser at the time.

As I delved deeper, I came across lots of ways of possibly dealing with the issue, and most seemed subversive, even scary…until I found Reiki. I had never tried it, nor any other Energy healing,  bodywork or even massage; but it sounded like even if it didn’t help, it certainly couldn’t hurt…and, since I had moved to the City attempting to get tuition reimbursement for nursing school, it seemed like a great way to get into helping people in some way. I googled Reiki in Philadelphia and found the Reiki School. Everything seemed perfect, like it had just been sitting there waiting for me. I emailed Kim, and began classes just 3 weeks later.

On the first day of class I had no idea what to expect-I had never gotten bodywork because I was not comfortable with people touching me. And here I was in this strange yet comforting space, surrounded by strangers. Kim broke the ice by asking the question “So, what brought each of you here today?” No, I could NOT tell these people what happened! They would think I was mad. But two people who spoke before me told tales of psychic distress, and I thought, what the hell? What do I have to lose? I came clean. And no one judged me. Whatever this Reiki stuff was, it certainly attracted an accepting crowd.

As Kim passed our Level 1 attunements, she suggested we think of an intention, to relate something to the Universe-a “contract” if you will. I told the Universe “I am open to whatever it is you have in store for me”. Over the past 6 years, there has been a lot of adventure, and I have never once regretted that intention.

Every Reiki session I have received (and every one I have given) has been different, sometimes surprisingly so. This session with Kim was not like any other I had experienced. As I lay there with Kim treating me, I felt as if my heart chakra expanded beyond the size of my body, and that I was surrounded in this bubble of pure love. I felt light, decompressed, and overwhelmingly supported. Even though Kim and I were the only two people in the room, the room felt full. It was as though a little piece of the Universe opened up just to hold me in suspended awesomeness-simple, true, profound. And that goes to say a lot of the space that Reiki can hold for us, the emptiness of possibility. A vacuum of Love where great things can happen. A place for healing of all kinds and on many levels can take place.  A safe place to explore what may at first seem scary, but in fact just be another doorway to something beautiful.

Thank you, Kim, for being my teacher.

Kim Fleisher, M.S.Ed.

Special thanks to Kim Fleisher for this session. Kim has been practicing reiki since 1996, when she stumbled upon it as an anthropology undergrad during a year abroad in Israel. Reiki came into her life unexpectedly, and although she was suspicious at first, the benefits quickly outweighed her doubts. Kim founded The Reiki School + Clinic to create reiki community and give others a chance to experience the benefits of this subtle yet profound practice. Kim serves as general director of the school, where she also teaches and gives reiki sessions. A former preschool and elementary school teacher, she holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters Degree in Education from Chestnut Hill College. She specializes in reiki education, particularly in the healthcare field. Kim is also the team leader for PENN Medicine’s Reiki Program, which provides free reiki sessions to patients receiving cancer treatments and their caregivers. For more info about The Reiki School + Clinic, visit


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