Day 11 – Integrated Energy Therapy with Kelly Morton

This is the second Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session I received through the course of this blog, the first being on day 3, so for more information on what IET is and how it came about, click here.  As discussed previously, IET uses a cellular memory map and integration points on the body that are unique to this system.  I continue to be impressed by the level of insight I get when I reflect on the significance of these points, and this session did not disappoint.

My intention for the session was to deal with the apprehension I was feeling in regards to discussing my Eating Disorder, and even more directly with how Yoga had not really been the most effective thing for my recovery.  The truth is, I am very sensitive about my anorexia.  The only reason I am even doing this blog is because I’m tired of the misconceptions, distortions and falsehoods that exist in the healing arts world about Eating Disorders and many other legitimate health concerns.  The issue needs to be addressed, and I am in a position to do something about it.   That does not in any way make it easier.

(check back tomorrow for the much-anticipated piece on the subject, including an Interview with the great people of Sprout Yoga).

As Kelly worked on me, my mind was racing, and I had a hard time just chilling out and enjoying it. Even so, the thoughts passing through my mind seemed to have resolution.  I was working out in my mind how I would broach this tender subject in a way that was helpful and understanding of all sides.  I fretted that somehow, no matter how many sides of the story I showcased in a fair way, that some people in the Yoga & wellness communities would judge me.  That last part isn’t all in my head, it happens to me all the time-twice in the last month, come to think of it.  I let go of their opinions.   My final decision-if some should choose to hold on to their ignorance like a small child does their blankie, they could just go right ahead and play a violin.

At the end of the session, Kelly reported that she felt a lot of energy leave on my lower left side, which relates to emotional powerlessness.  She also reminded me of the first IET session she did on me so many months ago.  When she treated that part of my body, she had a vision of a red letter “A” surrounded by rubble, and without knowing what that side correlated to, my mind immediately went to Anorexia.  As an interesting sidebar, my first dismemberment journey had my Spirit Teacher struggling with the breaking apart of my lower left abdomen as well.  It seems to me like the session, and all the mind chatter that happened during it, really helped me to release a lot of the emotional powerlessness I feel in regards to the disease. That was pretty profound, and I am still sorting through it all now.

In the time since this session, I have had a chance to reflect on just how the harsh words and judgement from those in my community had impacted me.  About how I had let the feelings of others influence the value of the 8 long years of recovery I have behind me, and how they very easily could have affected the many years of recovery that lay ahead.  And how they may be impinging the healing of countless others.  As we’ll all see tomorrow in brutal detail, my road to recovery nearly ended three years ago while in Reiki Master training when I tried to fit myself into the mold that was put in front of me.

And just now, I realize that the correct healing world language of  “the thoughts I allowed myself to believe” and “the opinions I accepted” can be, in much its own way, highly limiting and a barrier to responsibility-but this time, on part of a practitioner or teacher.  Just as it is within ourselves as beings to reject what does not resonate with us, it is our duty as practitioners and teachers to take responsibility for the wisdom and guidance we provide for others.  Are you a healer? If so, whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not, your students and clients look up to you and hold in high regard what you say.  By placing upon others our ideas of what healing needs to look like, by failing to open up and accept that their path may look starkly different from our own, we do a detriment to their healing as well as ours.  We degrade their efforts while we negate our ability to learn or be inspired by their example. A tragedy on both sides.

Healing, no matter how little, is still a miracle.  Progress is sacred, and a badge of honor hard-fought for and well-earned.  So from now on if you tell me I must  “just not be ready” for your particular brand of healing, or that I should just work with you because something that failed a half-dozen times will be different THIS time, I just might tell you to go play a violin.  Don’t take it personally.  Just go.

Thank you to Archangels Ariel & Michael for their help in writing piece.  And thank you to Kelly Morton for sharing the awesomeness that is IET with myself and the City of Philadelphia.  You rock!

Kelly Morton

Thanks to Kelly Morton for this session. Kelly has been using yoga, meditation and her Zen Buddhist practice to investigate the links between emotional/mental patterns and the physical body since 2004. After experiencing Integrated Energy Therapy as a client in 2005, she was amazed at the effectiveness of the modality. She began training in IET in 2006 and is now an Instructor. She is excited to share IET with others and help them become empowered to let go of the blockages that limit their potential! You can check out Kelly’s blog, or book a session with her at Philly Community Wellness by clicking here To inquire about upcoming classes, email her at


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