Day 16 – Reiki and IET Self-Session

…And on the day after my 30th Birthday, I rested.  Not becuase I was hung over-I’m much too much of an old fart now to let that happen.  But, I was up late enjoying the company of some great friends who drove allll the way down from North Jersey with Wine just to make it a special day.  And it was!  Did we all go out for a fancy dinner?  No, we got cheesesteaks from downstairs at Ishkabibble’s!  Cheese fries FTW!  The guys down there, who I have come to know well, even made me that great borthday card…on the back of one of their food order slips, or corse!  I’m so glad that my Philly peeps and my NJ peeps got to meet and hang out.  Thanks, you guys.

So, the next morning, I lay in bed for about 40 minutes giving myself Reiki and IET, and enjoying my special day.  Life’s pretty good right now!


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