Don’t Fear the Modality

Please enjoy this nice little ditty about not fearing death that’s been stuck in my head since naming this post (yes, it’s about suicide, but it’s from the 70s and everything was edgier back then-deal with it).

I love Reiki. It’s a great, gentle method of healing that is easy to use anywhere and at any time.  A practice of self-improvement and healing can do wonders for a person.  And it’s safe!  No contraindications, side effects, or interactions.  You can use it along side any other treatment-holistic or otherwise-without fear of something going wrong.  What’s not to love?

One of the reasons I did the 21 day challenge was to explore the world of the healing arts, to share what different modalities were like, and showcase the many other theories of healing that exist.  It was my hope that these experiences would enrich my Community of healers as well as empower people on their own path to healing-a hope that came true.  I have received positive feedback from around the Country and bumped into people locally who have reported benefits and/or relief from methods they may not have heard of or tried otherwise.

I’ve also been told “I love what you wrote about xyz, but I would never do that. That has contraindications”.  So far, all the people who said that to me were Reiki practitioners.  It saddens me to see practitioners with a downright fear-yes, the other four letter F word, fear-towards anything that is NOT Reiki. It’s a big world out there, and there is so much to try that can benefit us in so many ways.  It seems like in some cases, our love for Reiki can prevent us from growing…or even healing.

Of course, there are modalities with contraindications that can be harmful. I have done my best to include all known pitfalls when reviewing different forms of bodywork for that reason. Massage can trigger a heart attack in someone with uncontrolled high blood pressure, and reflexology and acupressure can send blood clots up into the body’s main organs and is best avoided in people with a history of blood clots and stoke, recent surgery, etc.  I feel this underscores the importance of telling your practitioner *everything* about your health history before a session (and for practitioners, working within the constructs of the modality/modalities we were trained in).  But does it justify throwing out the baby with the bath water?

It can’t hurt to get to know your practitioner,  where they studied, or research the modality first.  If you were hiring a plumber or roofer for your house, would you not ask for recommendations?  See if they are licensed/registered with the municipality or insured? There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s prudent.  But we need to be realistic.  People get hit by cars every day, yet we cross the street…although, it helps to look first.

I’ve had people cite all kinds of sources (most often the web) to claim that a particular method or modality is anything from fake to “dangerous”.  When pressed on why a particular thing might be so dangerous, I can almost never validate even a part of a true story.  Or, if I can, it’s usually a matter of opinion that they do not LIKE the modality (or perhaps the practitioner) rather than it was actually harmful. Yes, opinions are valid-and they are not facts, but often experiences, understandings, and sometimes even misunderstandings.

The truth is, some people are afraid of Reiki. While it is a widely held belief that it is always safe (a belief I hold), there are people who feel differently.
I feel this is a good opportunity to step back from being “in the Reiki world”, and look at our industry from the outside.  How does someone unfamiliar to the practice look at it? What information is out there? You may be surprised to find out. Look what I found in just 15 minutes of searching the Web for info about Reiki:

Look what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.  Would you have believed these statements about Reiki and avoided it had you read them before you tried it? Think of all the positive benefit you would have missed out on.  And if we are in a glass house, should we be throwing stones?

It’s a fact-life carries with it a 100% chance of death.  Love is often followed by heartbreak for one reason or another, yet we forge ahead in spite of that. Is avoiding something due to risk making you safer, or impacting your quality of life?  Often, it’s a judgment call.

If you try something and don’t like it, or get a bad feeling about it, it’s fine to trust yourself.  Again, that is the point of this blog.  Imagine if someone half-read my piece on how Yoga affected me.  Yes, it was detrimental TO ME.  It does not mean that the practice should be scrapped and abandoned for posterity, it means I need to try something else.  And as much as it was not even remotely helpful for me, I am glad I tried it.  It was empowering to say “this does not work for me”, and move on.

The personal benefits I have received from trying other forms of healing have been well worth the effort.  They have improved my quality of life.  If we start avoiding potentially beneficial things out of a blind love for Reiki, is that not itself a contraindication? Imagine if we never crossed the street.

Before posting in the comments, please note: While I would enjoy some fruitful discussions about the topic, I’m not going to allow the comments on this to be used to bash any system, understanding or practitioner. Discuss experiences yes, slander no.  This is a blog, not a public forum and I have no problem deleting silliness and fearmongering.  If that’s what you wish to do, do it elsewhere.


One thought on “Don’t Fear the Modality

  1. suanne wright

    wow danielle, you are so awesome
    i truly love respect and admire you~~~~~~~~~~~~
    i started to cry———–immediately~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i had no clue about your feelings
    radical, sister
    love this tune
    hope to see you soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    let’s get together soon for chat and food

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