Recovering Yogi Contributor of the Month

I’m very proud to say that Recovering Yogi has named me their Contributor of the Month for September 2012.  It’s an honor to get such props from a website I enjoy reading AND writing for so much! Take a look at my most recent piece, Insightful or Insipid: A Handy Guide to Platitudes.

Thanks, RY!


2 thoughts on “Recovering Yogi Contributor of the Month

  1. susanwrotehere

    It was a great post. It made me think about my own use of quotes when I teach. There are some I do find inspiring, like stuff from Dr. King and Malcolm X, who wanted their words to create an active reaction that got people doing some social good. But a lot of the yoga world platitudes seem to tell us more about how we have to be according to the gospel of pretentious yogis who can’t deal with their own negativity, so they project it onto those who are just calling things as they see them.

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