Late Spring through Fall of 2014: Shiva and Michael sword wielding dance party

So, sometimes, I randomly channel information from a different part of myself. Maybe “higher self” or something akin to that. It just comes through so fast I can hardly type. I often do not post them or share them with anyone but I felt particularly guided to share this with all of you.

Usually, my channeled stuff is pretty blunt and direct. This is the harshest yet by far. All of this flew out of my fingers in about 15 minutes. I have barely edited it, so sorry for the odd nature of the composition. I realize it is of a less-than-happy subject matter…but hat can I say, it’s the message that was there. Maybe I will start blogging in this format soon. Time will tell. But enjoy this piece (or don’t) as I have no attachment at all as to how it is received.

I would like to point out that this is not based on astrology or star positions. I know very little about those anyway. Its just what happened when I meditated and did a lot of energy work and found my fingers going very, very fast. It felt good and true as it flowed, despite the subject matter.

Do the words here specifically address the “lightworkers”? Yes, they do, but this theme applies to EVERYONE  in every industry. I hope your next few months are not personally interesting in the way I spell out here. All the best to all of you, and thanks for reading.


For the past few years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to do readings for many of you. Some as friends some as professional clients. In many many of your readings, the same common theme came up: that of the cycle that is ending and a new one beginning in May through the Summer and even Fall of 2014.

This time of tumult that has seen the 2008 market collapse (global scale) has also brought change to the collective community I often term “the healing arts industry”. I know many of you recoil from the word “industry” but please know this isn’t a dirty word…or at least it does not have to be. We are an INDUSTRY, yes, as we earn money and that is what allows us to do what we love, what our soul’s mission is, in this world where money is a necessity and viable medium of energy. For example, it buys food, which sustains us, but I digress. The important factor: we are an INDUSTRY, most importantly for the sake of this channeled message, in two ways: 1. People spend their hard earned moneyenergy on us to compensate/exchange with us for our work. 2. The world at large views us through that lens- a way in which money is both spent and earned. Such is the world we live in, like it or not.

Indeed, many in our industry are coming from different places, and going different places and doing different things for different reasons. Some are teachers, some practitioners/healers, some sages. All humans are slightly out of balance in some ways. Some are very out of balance. Whether you are a healer/sage or say a plumber, mechanic or CEO you can be very balanced and on your soul’s path, or very out of balance. One may find themselves living their soul’s purpose, or one may find themselves acting out of an imbalanced and perhaps even wildly inflated ego, narcissism, or negative spiritual affection. Yes, of course this sometimes happens to people on the spiritual path, how could it not? If the past six years have taught us nothing it is that WE ARE NOT IMMUNE to massive imbalance in the healing arts industry. We are humans just like everyone else…and if that statement just made you angry or upset, this post may particularly apply to you.

This 6 year time has given us ample lessons to be learned. Here I will give you the example of one of those lessons. Following that, I will tell you of the next lesson that is about to be taught to us, vis a vis visceral experience and how you have the current opportunity to avoid that lesson smacking you in the face like a 2×4, should you so choose.

Without vitriol or blame, but with an abundance of love in your heart, take a moment to look around the industry that you are (intentionally or unwittingly) a part of. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the individuals we are about to name, that we may be able to learn a lesson from them without having to personally experience it for ourselves. “Geshe” Michael Roach, Tony Robbins, James Arthur Ray. They have all been presented with intense and visceral reminders that, while we are powerful beings, we are inhabitants of the universe, and in fact more specifically the Earth plane, that surrounds us. This Earth plane does have rules beyond our ability to “manifest” or “demand change”. When we deny this, the Universe will present us with ample and abundant opportunities to be reminded. Ouch indeed.

These men learned that when we get in the way of a person’s individual supreme authority, attempting to have a person deny their own basic ability to recognize a threat to their physical safety and instead blindly follow the ego expression of another, injury (and even death) are often soon to follow. Again, if we learn the lessons vicariously through these men, we may not have to learn it for ourselves. Which of course would be wise, but do as you wish.

Now, the lesson we are about to learn: There is to be only truth and authenticity on the road to enlightenment and healing. What once worked will not any longer. The scales will be balanced.

Words can paint a powerful picture and I feel this specific phrase is the best way to articulate what is about to happen. “Put on full blast” – to be called out on one’s shit. That is SO the most relevant and appropriate way to convey what is about to happen next…because the crap is not about to hit the fan, it’s about to hit the bullhorn. If you have been faking, embellishing, hiding inconvenient truths, cheating, stealing, slandering anything…the world is about to know in a big-ass way. Especially in the industry of the healing arts.

Some folks have seen this coming and clarified their message. Louise Hay changed the forwards in her books to mention that her healing from gynecologic cancer, while greatly influenced by the positive affirmations, also had the support of at least some Western medical interventions. Good for her. John Friend (also here), on the other hand, saw the dubious goings-on “put on full blast” about 1.5-2 years ago…after things had apparently been pointed out to him and he decided not to clean up his messes and fly strait. Learn from his experience-clean up the mess before it gets “put on full blast”.

So what does this mean? Well, back to what I said about 2014. The challenges we have faced from 2008 (even 2006) till now have been to clear the last vestiges of the “old ways” to make room for the new things popping up in their places. The old organizations that could not clean up their acts, change, streamline, modify were destined for rubble. There was so much destruction going on that it was difficult to build many long-term things. But now, the tide is shifting. This is the last BIG lesson. If you have been holding on to the lantern of light all this time, you will find the grounds plenty fertile for you to sow seeds. And indeed many of you are already doing this. I have noticed many colleagues and friends finally getting their gardens to grow in some mighty impressive ways. I am seeing it in my world too. Some beautiful businesses and practices have recently launched and many are in the works and soon to follow. But be warned, there is another side to this….though there is still time to change course.

I’ve said for years, as I have seen it in many of your readings as well as that of my own, that mid-2014 would be the time that the last of the crap would fall, leaving ample space for others to shoot up and soar. It is upon us. Many of us are about to see those around us in full collapse and explode mode. You do not want to have to learn this experience first hand. It will be violently destructive.

If you have been embellishing, lying, manipulating, making false claims, or trying to obscure the truth around yourself and your accomplishments, attempting to tarnish or even gently discourage the gifts of another lightworker…make it right RIGHT NOW. If you have been stealing, circumventing or coaxing the energy of abundance that was rightly due another…stop it now and fly strait.

And know that no one will laud you for cleaning up your act. No one will put you on a pedestal and congratulate you for having done this, you can expect some slight backlash even here. But it will spare you the great Karmic lesson it seems the stars may be aligning to force many to learn.

May it also be said to those lightworkers, healing arts industry members who have been wronged by these folks-let judgment take it’s course. Do not attempt to fix, correct or save others, it is their path-they paved it. This also is not license or invitation to take up cause for your own personal vendettas…let the Universe do what it does best and balance itself out.

Also, this is the time of great abundance. Use every bit of energy to sow your seeds, grow your garden, excel and be amazing. Victimhood, holding on to all of the wrongdoings, will rob you of this time of great promise. Do NOT look back in grief, anger, pity, sorrow, or even comfortable misery. GO FORWARD ONLY, and the the Universe do what it does best and clear the imbalance. Do NOT ruminate on what you have lost but open your heart to what is yet to be found. It will be greater than any loss you may have suffered.

Give up the ghost, clean up your act and find abundance. Or hold to all the lies and bullshit you hold dear and see the Universe air your dirty laundry.

Its your choice.

Good luck.


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