Help me expand Learn Reiki Philadelphia! friends, a little shameless begging if you don’t mind. I’m really excited to (bigly) expand Learn Reiki Philadelphia in just a few weeks! As many of you know, I started everything by working in exchange for space rental at Philadelphia Community Acupuncture West Philly almost nine years ago. Leaving my current space in Center City is bittersweet. Yes, I’ve super outgrown it but the likely demolition of the building-and 1/8th of Jeweler’s Row with it- has pushed the timeline a bit.

Relaunching in a new space is expensive. I have been saving every penny since the demo notice went up in August but I really need have more working capital (money in the bank) to ease transition & help with initial setup and moving costs. The interest & payments of a loan would force me to raise prices. I have never let money be a barrier to healing…even the three years I have been in Center City.

At the suggestion of several of you, I’ve set up a GoFundMe and a link to the PayPal direct donation option (which would save me the GoFundMe fees-though either is greatly appreciated). Please pass this around and share widely.

***The better the crowdfunding goes, the more work opportunities and affordable class and treatment options I will have to extend to others. Every bit counts!!! Please contribute what you can.*** By doing so, you will help expand a space of love, healing and personal development for all so that we can impact even more lives.

If money isn’t in the “can” category, I am abundantly grateful for pep talks, well wishes, good juju, Reiki, graphic design, assistance with moving/setting up and helping get the word out. Our grand re-opening will be a part of Old City First Friday June 2 at 5pm. Join us for raffles, fun and lots of housewarmingly delicious good times.

Thank you all for your support!




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